Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging, Spare Parts, and Services

  • ASSEMBLY, TEST and VISION systems of small high-tolerance parts made of rigid and non-rigid materials for medical and laboratory devices, including sharps, filters tubes, etc. Other available capabilities include control and data analysis, functional tests, and prototypes.
  • AUTOMATIC HANDLING and PACKAGING systems including robots, grippers, manipulators, labeling, cartoning, buffering, palletizing, transport systems, and loading/unloading systems.
  • BARRIER ISOLATORS for aseptic processes that requires high containment, or radiopharmaceuticals.
  • BLISTERING and DEBLISTERING machines for covering and forming with several materials such as aluminum, polypropylene, aluminum polyethylene, medical paper, PVC, PVDC, PET-G, and ACLAR.
  • FFS – IV Bags Form Fill Seal PVC or non-PVC IV bag manufacturing lines, offered in two options: one mono-block FFS or two integrated mono-blocks (F and FS) as one single line.
  • FILLING SYSTEMS for sterile or non-sterile liquid, cream, solid, and powder in various presentations, including glass and plastic vials, ampoules, syringes, cartridges, IV bags, and IV bottles.
  • GLASS and PLASTIC PACKAGING for oral liquid, oral solid, parenteral, ophthalmic, and single dose.
  • GLOVE LEAK TEST automatic test for gloves installed in Barrier Isolators.
  • INSPECTION SYSTEMS for container integrity, fill dosing, weight, contamination particles, leak detection, parts identification presence, components positioning, tolerances and labels, on most pharmaceutical medical devices and personal care products.
  • ISBM – Injection Stretch Blow Molding is an exciting alternative for the production of IV bottles and bags.
  • PRE and POST SALES SERVICES that include equipment installation, training, SAT, maintenance, spare parts, re-tooling, upgrades, updates, integration, and footprint alteration.
  • ROBOTICS integration in pharmaceutical manufacturing and handling processes.
  • TABLET PRESS machines and tools for tablets used in R&D and production manufacturing sites.
  • TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS for pharmaceutical plants design and execution of projects related to pharmaceutical, chemical (API) and biotechnological plants, including utilities, HVAC, clean rooms and laboratories.
  • WASHING and STERILIZATION of components, utensils, glassware and containers complement our turn-key solutions.

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