Together with our partner Delta2000, we provide state-of-the-art modular cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors that meet all strict requirements including FDA, GMP and ISO.

Modular Walls

Our modular walls are designed to be used in controlled environments and are joined by using aluminium extrusion profiles.

Insulation is made using either polystyrene, mineral wool or honey-combed aluminium, according to design requirements.

We also provide accessories for walls including:

  • Pass-through chambers
  • Glass elements
  • Air return modules
  • Removable panels
  • Pipes
  • Cleanroom electrical wiring



Our cleanroom doors protect controlled environments from dust, dirt, humidity and helps minimize contamination risks. We offer flexibility with installations, with options of internal or external hinges, internal or external closers, control systems and panels.

We can customize doors based on your requirements:

  • Sliding doors
  • 1 leaf
  • 2 leaf
  • Door panels



Our flooring for cleanrooms are chemical resistant, resistant to microbial growth, and meet all strict requirements regarding particle release and emissions of volatile compounds.

Flooring options include:

  • PVC coating
  • Floating flooring
  • Resin flooring
  • Coved corners


Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling is a structure consisting of a surface hung below the main ceiling that reduces the height of the room. The suspended ceiling can meet aesthetic needs, or it can be added for its thermal, acoustic or fire resistant qualities. It can also provide a useful space to install implants in the space between the suspended ceiling and the main ceiling. All suspended ceilings are certified Class-1 self-extinguishing. We also provide suspended ceilings that people can walk on.

Profiles and Finishes

Corner fittings between walls are developed to eliminate edges and notches. We are able to design a wide range of profiles and finishes to fit any project.

  • Eighth of a sphere and a quarter of a sphere for flooring and ceiling connections
  • 90 degree curves
  • L shape, H shape, C shape and 55 shape curves
  • Long terminal
  • Short terminal


We offer a wide range of special cleanroom furniture, including cabinets, benches, and material pass-through boxes that can be custom designed.