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Filling and Sealing: A Summary of Our Filling and Sealing Solutions

Jan 17, 2020 | Pharmaceutical Automation

ACIC Machinery is a leading provider of filling and sealing solutions ranging from small and large volume parenteral products to sterile and non-sterile filling. Applications include ampoules, vials, syringes, cartridges, glass/plastic bottles, and soft bags. These machines can process liquid, semi-solid, and powder products (freeze-dried). Let’s take a closer look at a few of our machines:


Filling & Closing Machine for Nested Containers

The filling and closing machines have been specifically designed to process pre-sterilized nested containers such as syringes and cartridges. Despite its compact design, it can accommodate different filling systems to treat liquid, freeze-dried, suspension, emulsion, and oil-based products.

nested containers

Vial Filling Machine for Aseptic Processing

This machine is used for the filling, stoppering, and sealing operations of injectables in glass vials for aseptic conditions. These machines are suitable for both liquid and freeze-dried products.

vial filling

Closing & Sealing Machines for Bottles & Vials

Fully automatic closing/capping and sealing machines are designed for the application of different closures on glass and plastic vials and bottles.

vial filling

Filling & Closing Machines for Pharmaceutical Processing

Filling and closing machines are specifically designed for filling, plugging, and capping both sterile and non-sterile products such as syrup, ophthalmic solution, and nasal spray in either glass or plastic containers.

Bottles and Spray


ISBM (Injection, Stretch, Blow, Molding) Filling Line

ISBM technology is the modern manufacturing trend for IV solutions and irrigation products. Complete processing lines for polypropylene (PP) bottles forming, filling, and closing starting from the raw PP granules.

Injection Stretch Blow Molding

Filling machine for pharmaceutical bags

Filling and closing machines are made to treat IV bags. These machines can fill a single chamber bag as well as a dialysis multi-chamber bag. The machine design allows a high level of flexibility in means of productivity and bag shapes.

Bag Filling

Our Solution

ACIC Machinery brings you many solutions for your pharmaceutical filling and sealing needs.