Transfer Trolley Under Laminar Flow

  • Allows easy and safe batch transfer from rooms of different classes
  • Product is always protected under laminar flow
  • Options include temperature control and particle counter


Manual Load System

  • Under active or passive RABS for sterile products
  • Under isolator for toxic products


Semi-Automatic Load / Unload System

  • Movable Load / Unload Cart
    • Mobile cart for transfer and loading/unloading of the entire batch into the freeze dryer
    • Easy operation and reduced loading/unloading time
  • Fixed load / Unload System
    • Fixed system docked in front of the freeze dryer able to receive a transfer table loaded with trays or frames
    • Mobile transfer table with laminar flow for product protection


Automatic Load / Unload System

  • Allows a row by row tray-less loading / unloading system (up to 750 vials/ min)
  • Fixed in front of lyophilizer receiving vials via conveyor system
  • RABS or fully isolated system optional


Automatic Load / Unload Shuttle

  • Fully automated shuttle to load / unload two freeze dryers or more.