ACIC and our automation partners provides state of the art solutions for our Medical Devices and Diagnostics customers. Automatic assembly, test and vision control systems are applied on the critical manufacturing process of small high-tolerance parts made of rigid and non-rigid materials for medical and laboratory devices, including sharps, filters tubes, etc. Our engagement with your engineering starts at early stages of your project when Proof of Principles analysis based on 2D and 3D layouts, animation and dynamic simulation are required. This procedure ensures a robust, cost-effective and appropriate solution.  Other available capabilities include control and data analysis, functional tests, and prototypes.

Moreover, our machine vision software provides timely and accurate data from high-speed quality inspection, product identification, precise measurement and gauging, material tracking, robotic guidance, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Our experience includes:

  • Medical Devices and Lab Diagnostics Devices Assembly systems
  • Medical Devices and Lad Diagnostic Vision Inspection and Control
  • 2D Matrix data tracking
  • IV bags components and IV infusion sets assembly, test and packaging systems
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