When designing and building standard or complex pharmaceutical machinery or automation you need to have the right combination of talent and experience in your supply chain, which includes experienced designers, top-notch project managers, and trusted partners.

At ACIC Pharmaceutical Machinery, we invest in our people and our partners. Please contact us if you require custom automation or machinery for your pharmaceutical manufacturing site or R&D laboratory.

Here are some of our key suppliers and partner organizations:

Custom Automation

Robotic Systems

Assembly Systems


Automatic Glove Leak Tester

Barrier Isolators



Radiofrequency & Thermocontact Welding Machines for Medical Bags Manufacturing


Softgel Encapsulation Machines

Printing & Inspection for Softgels

Gelatin Preparation


Pouch Packaging Solutions

Freeze Dryers

Loading & Unloading Systems


Process Plants

RO & Multi-Effect Stills

Pure Steam Generators

Modular Cleanrooms

Transport Conveyors


Systems Integration