GF Robot

Robots in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry are quickly becoming the norm. More manufacturers are creating special purpose robots that can be used in the pharmaceutical environment. ABB, Fanuc, Staubli, and Motoman, for example, are some of the specific FDA approved robot models for this specialized environment.

Robots lend speed, accuracy, repeatability, safety, and cost reduction to the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. But the big advantage to robots in pharmaceutical automation is verification. With robots there is no variability. They perform exactly as they are programmed.

Whether it is in the laboratory bench, pilot, small-batch or high-speed manufacturing, material handling or filling, ACIC has experience and partners qualified to design, build and install robotics for pharmaceutical use.

SDN Series: De-Nesting & Re-Nesting Machines for Nested Containers

The SDN Series is designed for de-nesting/nesting nested syringes or cartridges before/after in-line process.

The system carefully removes/relocates the containers from/to each tub and nest then place the empty tubs and nests to their respective stacks.

  • Precise handling of syringes/cartridges
  • Automated tub and nest handling
  • Secure and efficient recipe management
  • Compliant with 21 CFR part 11 FDA guideline
  • User friendly touch screen operator interface (HMI)