Aseptic Vial Dispenser (N-FILL)

Innovative Design: Crafted by PBL Pharma Division, the N-FILL is a stand-alone vial dispensing unit designed for nuclear medicine, boasting a compact footprint ideal for integration into new or existing hot cells.

Performance Excellence: With a focus on end-user satisfaction, the N-FILL ensures minimal rejections and maximizes production performance by employing the latest generation equipment and validated processes certified to ISO 7 and ISO 5 standards.

Advanced Features: Key features include a customized dispensing unit, IPC (100% In-Process Control) with retroactive feedback, and user-friendly, tool-free format change capabilities, empowering operators to adapt swiftly to changing requirements.

Efficiency and Reliability: The N-FILL automates vial disassembly, filling, stoppering, capping, and crimping processes, guaranteeing precision and consistency at every step to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Space Optimization: Despite its robust capabilities, the N-FILL maintains a compact footprint, making efficient use of space while delivering exceptional performance.

Versatile Output: With an output ranging from 2 to 20 ppm, the N-FILL caters to diverse production needs, offering flexibility and scalability to meet evolving demands in nuclear medicine production.

Production hot cell for formulation and dispensing (N-PRO)

Cutting-Edge Design: The N-PRO, crafted by our esteemed Pharma Division, represents the pinnacle of hot cell technology, offering comprehensive capabilities for formulation, dispensing, inspection, labeling, and packaging in nuclear medicine.

Streamlined Production: With a focus on in-line production, the N-PRO seamlessly integrates product formulation, filling, closing, and stringent quality controls within a lead-shielded system, ensuring impeccable quality and minimizing rejects for end-users.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Each phase of the production process is executed using the latest generation equipment, certified to ISO 7 and ISO 5 standards, and meticulously monitored and controlled to maintain optimal performance and quality.

Versatile Output: With an impressive output range of 2 to 40 vials per minute, the N-PRO accommodates varying production demands with ease, delivering efficiency and scalability to meet diverse requirements.

Comprehensive Features: The N-PRO boasts a range of advanced features, including manual formulation hot cells, telemanipulator units, activity-safe carts, automatic dispensing hot cells, redundant filling systems, and customized vial dispensing units, ensuring versatility and adaptability to specific production needs.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Lead shielding ranging from 10mm to 200mm, integrated dose calibrators, sample drawers with shielded carts, and a fast and easy tool-free format changeover process prioritize safety and streamline operations, enhancing overall efficiency.

Innovative Integration: Additional features such as isolators or laminar airflow integrated into the machine structure, user-friendly interfaces, integrated load cell systems for precise control (IPC), and automatic IV-bag unloading systems further optimize functionality and ease of use.

Semi-Automatic Vial Inspection


Innovative Inspection Solution: The N-ROBOX, a semi-automatic inspection machine meticulously crafted by PBL Pharma Division, sets a new standard for quality assurance in radiopharmaceutical production. Specifically designed for glass vials, this cutting-edge system combines precision inspection with operator-friendly functionality to ensure product integrity and safety.

Enhanced Safety Features: With lead shielding protection ranging from 10mm to 180mm and a front lead-glass enclosure, the N-ROBOX prioritizes operator safety, providing maximum protection in high-risk environments.

Unique Modular Design: The N-ROBOX’s compact footprint and flexible robotic arm handling capabilities make it a standout solution in the industry, offering unparalleled versatility and adaptability to various production settings.

Optimized Performance: With an output range of 3 to 15 vials per minute, the N-ROBOX delivers consistent and efficient inspection processes, enhancing production efficiency without compromising on quality.

Comprehensive Inspection Stations: Equipped with particle inspection stations for visual assessment against white and black backgrounds, as well as cosmetic inspection stations for thorough examination of both the vial body and bottom with 360° rotation, the N-ROBOX ensures meticulous scrutiny of every vial.

Advanced Features: The N-ROBOX features a dedicated illumination system, a user-friendly machine interface, and operator buttons for automatic vial categorization (Accepted, Reject, Re-inspection, and Dormant), simplifying operation and enhancing productivity.

Effortless Unloading: Automatic vial unloading by the robotic arm further streamlines processes, minimizing manual intervention and maximizing efficiency.


Tailored Formulation and Dispensing: Our Pharma Division presents the N-R&D, a bespoke solution for formulation and dispensing in nuclear medicine. Engineered to perfection, this system seamlessly integrates product formulation, filling, closing, and meticulous controls within a lead-shielded environment, ensuring unparalleled quality for our clients. 

In-Line Production Excellence: With a commitment to excellence, the N-R&D facilitates 100% in-line production, optimizing efficiency and minimizing rejects. Each phase of the production process is meticulously conducted using the latest generation equipment, certified to ISO 7 and ISO 5 standards, guaranteeing superior performance and reliability.

Advanced Features: The N-R&D boasts a range of advanced features, including manual formulation hot cells, telemanipulator units, activity safe carts, and automatic dispensing hot cells, providing versatility and adaptability to diverse production needs.

Enhanced Control and Monitoring: With IPC (100% In-Process Control) and retroactive feedback to the dosing system, the N-R&D ensures stringent quality control throughout the production process, enhancing precision and consistency.

Integrated Dose Calibration: Featuring a dose calibrator integrated directly into the system, the N-R&D streamlines operations and optimizes workflow, ensuring accurate dosing at every stage.

Efficiency and User-Friendliness: The N-R&D prioritizes user experience with features such as a sample drawer, shielded cart, and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, the fast and easy tool-free format change capability enhances operational efficiency.

Optimized Safety: With lead shielding ranging from 10mm to 200mm (equivalent lead glass), the N-R&D prioritizes operator safety without compromising performance or functionality.

Flexible Output: With a machine output ranging from 2 to 20 BpM (Bottles per Minute), the N-R&D accommodates varying production demands with ease, offering flexibility and scalability to meet evolving industry requirements.