Relying on the expertise of its engineers and the capacity of developing synergies within the pharmaceutical industry, the plastics business unit of Bormioli Rocco has become one of the favorite partners of many multinational companies. Expertise in both glass and plastic combine to give clients the option of an integrated packaging offer (vial, bottle, closure and accessory). Bormioli has three pharmaceutical oriented plastic manufacturing facilities equipped with ISO 7 and 8 certified clean rooms. Proven production methods and quality control ensure a product that can combine chemical stability, dimensional precision, and mechanical resistance without neglecting ergonomics and design. Bormioli Rocco offers packaging in COC, PET, PE, PP and PEN, single-dose systems, tamper-evident and child proof closures, droppers, measuring caps and spoons, and dose-measured syringes. Also, processing phases that have been successfully proposed on the market for years include plastic coating for glass spray bottles and decoration.


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