Automated Systems
  • Custom Automation
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  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence
Integrated Artificial Intelligence
  • Packaging Lines

Automation is an integral part of today’s pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Together with our partner PBL, we provide custom automated solutions in:

  • Robot Systems
  • High Speed Packaging and Assembling Lines
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence
  • Handling Systems

Our solutions ensure accuracy, efficiency and safety particularly in the case of sterile environments.

We provide custom automation solutions for all divisions including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Radiopharmaceutical
  • Chemical



Custom Automation

Automation plays a very important part in today’s pharmaceutical industry. We are equipped to provide you with the custom automated solution to fit your production needs. In a collaborative approach, our experts offer flexibility, innovation, technical expertise, and value on your investment.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrating artificial intelligence into your projects will ensure speed, accuracy, repetition, safety, and cost reduction in your pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Whether it is in the laboratory bench, pilot, small-batch or high-speed manufacturing, we have the experience and partners qualified to design, build and install robotics for pharmaceutical use.

Artificial Intelligence

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