Handling and packaging systems are usually integrated in a turn-key system, but we understand that sometimes your needs require a single stand alone station. When it comes to labeling, cartoning, custom designed transport systems, palletizing and loading/unloading systems, ACIC and our partners can certainly help you with your challenging requests. We can either design and build custom handling and packaging solutions or simply integrate existing ones.

Some of our capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry encompass robots, grippers, manipulators, material transfers, transport systems, buffers, box erectors, case packing, and palletizing solutions such as:

robot arm holding box and conveyor
  • Pharmaceutical containers handling systems
  • Radiopharmaceutical handling systems
  • Freeze-dryers load/unload systems
  • Machines or lines integration
  • Autoclaves load/unload systems
  • IV bags transport systems
  • Sterilizer trays handling systems
  • Labeling, cartoning and palletizing systems

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