Olsa is able to define and engineer the most suitable equipment by optimizing the shearing effects according to the different product needs.

Olsa is the manufacturer of process mixing equipment that can encompass several different mixing systems such as top coaxial agitators, bottom homogenizers, planetary top agitators, top homogenizers, internal recirculation, and external recirculation.

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Laboratory Vacuum Mixers


  • Ror research, rheological, and compatibility tests and producing small volumes for sampling
  • Pilot vacuum mixer homogenizers from 2.7 – 25 L capacity for R&D and labs
Vacuum Mixer Homogenizers - Olsa

Vacuum Mixer Homogenizers


  • For batch preparation for ointments, gels, creams, suspensions, emulsions, suppositories, and toothpastes
  • Industrial scale production vacuum mixer homogenizers from 150 – 10,000 L capacity with integrated vacuum/CIP/SIP and full control systems
Turn Key Processing Plant - Olsa

Turn-Key Processing Plants


  • For large intensive production of gels, creams, suspensions, emulsions, and toothpastes.
  • Complete plants on Lump Sum Turn-Key (LSTK) basis, including ancillary equipment, process piping, valves, electrical control boards (with PLC & automation package), CIP skid and relevant piping, platforms, and structures