Olsa is the world leader in solid handling serving the global market with filtration and drying technologies.

Olsa provides complete processing lines with full automation control systems that can be integrated with heating and cooling skids, vacuum units, and solvent recovery systems.

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Filterplus Dryfilter - Olsa

Filterplus & Dryfilter


  • For solid-liquid separation and drying for pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries
  • Nutsche-type pressure filters and filter dryers for solid/liquid separation and vacuum drying (pharma design for validated processes)
Oyster Filter - Olsa

Oyster Filter


  • Small scale filters designed for a wide range of process duties and applications for pilot and R&D facilities
  • Vacuum/pressure filter with manual control (mobile execution)
Tumble Mixers, Vacuum Dryers - Olsa

Tumble Mixers & Vacuum Dryers


  • Used for solid mixing and vacuum drying
  • Wide choice of mixers for solid products: double cone, V-shaped, & rotary drum
Vacuum, Hot Air Circulation Tray Dryers - Olsa

Vacuum & Hot Air Circulation Tray Dryers


  • Used for drying granulates and powders
  • cGMP compliance with customized sizes
Horizontal and Vertical Vacuum Drying Systems - Olsa

Horizontal & Vertical Vacuum Drying Systems


  • Used for API and antibiotic manufacturing
  • Available with optional high-speed choppers, solvent recovery, and dust filtration (lab & pilot units available for R&D)