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Softgel Encapsulation Machines

  • We provide softgel encapsulation machines for small scale and large scale production with speed performance up to 8 RPM.
  • Operation based on independent electronic motors in continuous rotation.
  • Independent drives with electronic speed adjustment.
  • Machines meet all GMP and safety requirements.
  • Machine allows for easy cleaning and maximum product protection.

Drying Systems

Softgels require much stricter production conditions compared to other non-sterile dosage forms.

  • Our dehumidification systems with desiccant moisture provides high efficiency.
  • We provide on-line drying systems, tumble dryers, and tunnel dryers.
  • Our modular design allows for easy customization, maintenance, and validation.
  • The equipment design allows for correct distribution of laminar air flow.

Gelatin Preparation

Gelatin preparation equipment for precise and rapid preparation of capsule base with water, plasticizer, and gelatin powder in less than one hour.

Capsule base preparation is fundamental to maintaining a uniform machine output.

Print and Inspection


After final drying stage capsules should undergo inspection.

  • We provide high-speed, automated visual inspection systems for softgel capsules that detect size and shape irregularities, and color defects.


  • Printing on capsules is available through our UV cold laser technology.
  • Direct marking of permanent codes to prevent risk of counterfeiting or manipulation to your product identification.
  • Our equipment removes the need for solvent washing, ink, or softgel burning.

R&D Equipment

We provide a range of encapsulation machines for laboratory scale and pilot batches.

  • Equipment is compact and easy to transport.
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Designed for high percent yield.

Control Systems

We offer a range of quality control equipment throughout the production cycle to guarantee the highest quality of the final product; from material before encapsulation, in-process control and final dried softgels.