The ACIC Mill is the ideal solution for your pharmaceutical processing applications.


We offer milling equipment based on your application:

  • Wet Dispersion Milling (after High Shear Mixer Granulators and Blenders)
  • Dry Milling (after Fluid Bed Dryer, Trays and Vacuum Dryers)
  • Particle Conditioning and Calibration
  • Homogeneous Dispersion after Blending
  • Containment Milling
  • Inert Milling
Pharmaceutical API Milling Machine
Key Features of our Milling Equipment

• Narrow Particle Size Distribution
• Predictable Scale-Up and Process Repeatability
• Low Noise, Low Dust, Low Heat and Power Consumption
• Wide Range of Impeller and Screen Selection
• Detachable Head Design for Ease of Process Change and Cleaning
• Design Flexibility for CIP and SIP Options
• Through-the-Wall Designs for Clean Room Applications


Technical Summary

Capacity Hole Size 0.5 mm 1,000 kg/hr
Hole Size 1.1 mm 17,500 kg/hr
Hole Size 1.6 mm 18,000 kg/hr
Hole Size 2.4 mm 20,000 kg/hr
Hole Size 3.2 mm 23,400 kg/hr
Power 4 kW
Screen Speed 450 – 2700 RPM
Height 360 mm