The technology required to precisely compress powder into tablets of different shapes, sizes and weights requires decades of experience. Precision on the pressing force, quality of tools (punches and dies) and perfect synchronized movements are key factors which directly reflect the quality of the tablet.

Together with our partner, we offer over 70 years experience in building tablet presses – customized to your requirements.

Our competitive pricing extends to the tools we can design and build to fit any of our competitor’s machines.

All of our tablet presses are in compliance with the GMP directives and with International safety standards.




GA, SA Tablet Press

High Production Tablet Press

SA Trento Triple Layer Press

Specialty Production Tablet Press

PA Milano Tablet Press

Standard Production Tablet Press

FA Rotary, FA Top, and Unique Tablet Press

R&D Tablet Press
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Tooling for Tablet Press

Tooling for Tablet Presses