SA Trento Triple Layer Press

Multi Layer Tablet production

  • SA Trento is available with 29 or 39 stations
  • For production of multi-layer tablets.
  • Easy to use
  • External structure is made of stainless-steel panels with sound proofing inner lining.
  • S.P (Evolution System Press) software manages tablet press regulation

SA Trento also available with:

  • separate electrical board
  • Three-phase asynchronous engine
  • an inverter to control the speed of the punch tower
  • a fan cooling system, so the machine can operate non-stop for several shifts
Number of stations 29 39
Tool Type Upper Punch EU D Special EU D Special
Lower Punch EU D EU D
Max tablet diameter mm 25 25
Max fill depth mm 18 18
Production Capacity (tab/h) (real output at 70% of max value) Min 17,400 23,400
Max 52,200 70,200
Max compressing force KN 120 120

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