Stilmas’ Pharmastill Multi-Effects produce distilled water for injectable uses meets that requirements of the latest International Pharmacopeias. They are designed and manufactured in accordance to the latest GMP requirements. The Pharmastill modular construction offers a wide range of configurations allowing optimum payback times:

  • MS-HPS: requires the availability of external industrial steam.
  • MS-E: does not require the availability of external industrial steam.
  • MS-COMBI: generates Pure Steam and WFI simultaneously and independently at different rates and capacities.

Stilmas’ standard plants can cover a range of production from 60 liters to 22,000 liters per hour.

Pharmastill Multi-Effects - Stilmas

Main features of Stilmas’ Pharmastills:


  • Rapid start-up time
  • Energy saving
  • High flexibility
  • Unique purification system
  • Simple & clean mechanical construction
  • Low maintenance requirements