ACIC Machinery provides Pure Steam Generators Model PPSG to produce pyrogen-free pure steam that, when condensed, meets all U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) requirements for use in Steam-in-Place (SIP) sterilization, autoclaves, water-for-injection and other applications.

Model PPSG – Pharma Pure Steam Generator

Pure Steam Generator
  • Feed water can be Purified Water, which is pumped in from the lower part of the evaporation column and into the Double Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger.
  • The heating fluid is industrial steam or heated water.
  • The steam produced is sent to the evaporation chamber, which is designed to minimize steam speed to prevent the dragging of impurities and water droplets. A second water droplet separation system is formed by a special double separator in the higher part of the column.
  • The pure steam supply is managed through a pneumatic modulating valve.
  • If steam conductivity measurements are required, a condenser can be installed to condense a stream sample and perform the conductivity measurements.
  • Made in AISI 316L stainless steel with pickled and passivated active surface
  • All our equipment follows cGMP, GAMP and FDA guidelines
  • Internal welding is TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas)
  • Gaskets are PTFE
  • Controls are performed through an interface with Siemens PLC and SCADA
  • Feed water tank
  • Hot water gas separation with preheater
  • Conductivity meter with cooler
  • Sampling valve for pure steam condensate
  • SQ1 Pharma steam quality test kit
  • CO2 stripping station
  • Industrial PC and 15″ SCADA
  • CFR21 Part 11 software compliance
  • Electropolishing Ra < 0.4 μm