Filling and Packaging Line for Chemical Products

A successfully commissioned, and custom designed, complete line for chemical products in plastic unstable containers.


The line consists of three stations: filling system, ultrasonic welding, and cartoning system, fully integrated for maximum productivity.

The line was designed based on high container instability and high level of customization to meet client requirements.

Each production process uses state-of-the-art equipment.

Certified ISO 7 and ISO 5 using validated processes that are constantly monitored and controlled.

Production output (cartoning system): 1 to 50 containers per minute.

Filling and Sealing

Filling and Packaging Line for Chemical Products
  • Custom loading and unloading system, tailor-made design for unique containers.
  • Different options are available for filling: piston pump, peristaltic pump, mass flow/magnetic measuring system, time pressure system).
  • Check weight control (IPC) for high precision filling.
  • Highly accurate film cutting and placement.
  • Ultrasonic welding system, to seal the tube with film. Option to use a thermal contact system is also available.
  • Camera control and reject system: each machine step is monitored and controlled.
  • An integrated labeling head will apply a label onto each container.
  • Customized Loading/Unloading System
  • IPC Control (100% or Statistical)
  • CIP/SIP System
  • Different filling options available
  • Different container closure systems available
  • User-friendly and fast tool-free format changes
  • Different monitoring functions
  • Designed as a modular machine

Cartoning Station

Filling and Packaging Line for Chemical Products
  • Carton forming unit, custom-designed for unique cartons.
  • Nest insertion unit.
  • Robotic system for containers/leaflet insertion. High precision, with the ability to work with operators.
  • Carton printing and label application.
  • Custom-designed system.
  • High flexibility for carton and box handling.
  • Fast change-over-time for format change.
  • Tool-free format change.
  • Designed as a modular system.