Bandy System

Tube Cutting Solution

The Bandy System is a flexible-modular solution based on four main working units that can operate individually, or together in sequence: cutting, coiling, banding, and printing.

BANDY CUT ∙ Cutting Solution

This machine suitable for cutting tubes of different length.


  • Suitable with tubing that has outer diameters between 2.0-10.0 mm.
  • Cutting length programmable from 10 mm up to 99,999 mm.
  • Batch programming and counting number of pieces per box.

Motorized uncoiler:

  • Tubing feeding up to 65 m/min.
  • Speed adjustment, motor acceleration and deceleration controlled by dedicated inverter.
  • Buffer of unstressed tubing (uncoiled from the reel) around 2 m.


BANDY CUT ∙ Cutting Solution

Bandy Cut

BANDY CCB ∙ cutting ∙ coiling ∙ banding solution

This machine is suitable for cutting, coiling, and banding tubes of various lengths and sizes. There are two machines available: BANDYCCB MINI for smaller tubes, and BANDYCCB MAXI for larger tubes.

Main Features:

  • Uncoiling the tubing from reels
  • Cutting and coiling the tubing. according to the selected program.
  • Banding the coil with cohesive tape, according to the specifications required.
  • Automatic discharging of the coils (conveyor belt available as option).
  • Cohesive paper width 1/2″ or 1” (13 or 25 mm), 3 fastening configurations available (shape: “C” with 2 tapes, “T” with 1 or 2 tapes)

Two Options:

  • BANDY CCB MAXI is suitable for tubing with outer diameter in the range 2 – 10 mm.
  • Tubing length to be coiled adjustable in the range 500-8000 mm.
  • BANDY CCB MINI is suitable for tubing with outer diameter in the range 2 – 4.1 mm.
  • Tubing length to be coiled adjustable in the range 250-2000 mm.

BANDYCCB can work as stand-alone Cutting Equipment.
The Quick-lock-release system allows to unplug (and plug) the Banding & Coiling unit safely and easily.

Moreover, it is possible to add the Printer (BANDY PRINT) whenever required.

BANDY CCB ∙ Cutting ∙ Coiling ∙ Banding Solution

Bandy CCb

BANDY PRINT ∙ Cutting ∙ Printing Solution

This machine is suitable for cutting and printing text on tubes.

Main Features:

  • Quick dry to allow instant handling and processing.
  • Simplicity of operations, the operator finds everything at hand and accessible: ink and solvent tanks, parts subject to preventative maintenance.
  • constant accuracy and print quality over time.
  • Dedicated built-in touchscreen.


BANDY PRINT ∙ Cutting ∙ Printing Solution

Bandy Print