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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Feb 13, 2023 | Inspection Technologies

What is artificial intelligence?

 Artificial intelligence (AI) involves using computers and software to do things that would traditionally require human intelligence. The difference? AI can consume and process large amounts of data. Levels of data and information that humans simply cannot process.

 The goals of AI technology and AI-supported machines are to:

  • Recognize patterns
  • Make decisions
  • Make judgments

 That mimics, and ultimately supersedes human behavior and intelligence.

 ACIC Machinery is proud to offer inspection machinery solutions for pharmaceutical products that are fully automated and supported by AI technology.

AI-supported inspection machines quickly spot and identify problems in any part of the production line monitored by state-of-the-art cameras. Studies suggest that AI-supported solutions can increase defect detection rates by up to 90% compared to human inspection rates (Dorfman, 2022).

 Powered by AI, our automated inspection machinery greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of container inspection, as well as substantially reduce rates of false positives.

So how does it work?

 The first level of the inspection system is comprised of standard inspection software, which mainly detects moving particles but can also detect some non-moving particles.

The second level of the inspection system is comprised of AI software which has two main functions:

1. Reduce false positives by distinguishing between real particles and false particles (eg. Bubbles)

2. Capability to add new types of particles to the AI database for inspection. The AI database generates a new knowledge base when it undergoes training for new defects by qualified personnel. Previous versions of the knowledge base are stored and archived. Only qualified personnel can access training mode in the system.

Contact us at ACIC Pharmaceutical Machinery to learn more about our AI-supported inspection equipment.  Let’s start designing an inspection system for your manufacturing facility that will increase the speed, accuracy, and performance of your operations.


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